Welcome to the Booster Club!!!

St. Vincent de Paul Parish & School offers CYO sports to all students in first through fifth grades.

CYO Sports offerings include:

Co-Ed Soccer          Fall & Spring

Basketball              November - February

Volleyball               Fall

Football                  Fall

Flag Football         Fall

Cheer                       Fall

*Students may be placed on the team of another school depending on number of participants.

To Register your child for CYO Sports, click HERE.


CYO Family Assessment     $20

Soccer                                      $80

Basketball                               $70

Volleyball                               $80

Football                                  TBD

Flag Football                         TBD

Cheer                                      $30       

Super Star Soccer

Super Star Soccer, is our soccer program for 3 –5 year olds. It takes place over three Sunday afternoons in the late fall and spring. During the hour long sessions, your child will learn the basics (dribbling, passing, etc.) and play team building and instructional games.

Booster Club Officers

Michelle Parillo

Kelsi Tippery